Letter to My Little Sister


Another Christmas without you approaches. I just wanted you to know even though it has been twenty years since you have not been with us, you are still in my thoughts. You just loved  the things that really mattered at Christmas.

Recently I asked BJ to tell me a memory of you at Christmas. She was the one who always took you shopping. She remembered how you would take the Thanksgiving Day paper and the ads. You would spend hours preparing and thinking  about what presents you wanted to buy before you shopped.. You had the right idea. You took time to think about the person and what they would like. BJ said you circled pictures in the ads after studying them carefully and knew what you wanted to buy before she picked you up.

Shopping was another story. You had $50 to spend but sometimes got so excited about what you knew someone would like you would just put it in the cart even though you were over budget.

Most of all, you had such a giving heart. You wanted to make others happy and were so thoughtful with your gifts. I think it even meant more to you when you started working and had your own money to spend.

You’ve been on my heart so much this past year that I had to publish my book to celebrate you. You inspired me and I wanted others to know what a loving, caring and generous heart you had.  And of course, it had to include Christmas.  I used you as a model for my main character Tina in As Angels Sing. I will always think of you as an angel.

I wonder what shopping would be like for you now. Would you be using a cell phone to shop? Would you be surprised how the stores have changed? Would you still love the decorations? What would you think of all your nieces and nephews? You would even be a Great Aunt now.

The one thing that never would change is your heart for others and how you loved spending time with all of us. You loved movies and I think you would love some of the new Christmas movies out.    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You were truly a gift from God and I thank him for the time we had with you even though it seemed so short.

It reminds me that life is precious and we need to always make time for those we love. We never know what the future holds.


The one thing that never would change is your heart for others and how you loved spending time with all of us.


I wish you were here and just wanted you to know little sister, that you have never been forgotten. I miss you.  I know you are up there with the angels singing for the Lord.  ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫


Love always,

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