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Since childhood I have loved reading books. Walking to the library on a Saturday afternoon was always so exciting. I couldn’t wait to pick out books and I would find myself lost in their stories.

Belonging to a large family has many benefits, but it also limits your worldly experiences. Reading helped my imagination soar and created a longing to write my own story.

Every person has a story. Life is a journey and life experiences differ for us all. Not all of them are pleasant, but we grow and learn through them.

This book has been on my heart for a long time. Talking about it and doing it are two different things. It wasn’t until I sat down and actually started that it came to be.

The characters and events evolved from my own life experiences and struggles. As a Christian, I hope this book will bring a trust and hope in Jesus our Savior. He is the anchor that got me where I am today and the anchor for the characters in this story.

Although the characters and actual events are not actual events that happened to me, they bring parts of my life into them.

One of the aims of this story is to bring awareness to the struggles of faith for everyone, the difficulty of being a single mom,  the gifts of Down syndrome children, the loneliness of the elderly in homes, and the plight of the homeless.

But through this awareness is a message of hope and faith when we don’t have answers.

We live in troubling times and we need to come together as a community like the characters in this story do. Together we can do so much more, but we all can start by doing something.

I hope you enjoy As Angels Sing. 

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