My Story

My childhood began in Rochester, New York. I come from a family of twelve children. Growing up we didn’t have the same luxuries as other children, but we had a closeness and a strong family bond. We grew up knowing that our education was important and with hard work, we could go on after high school.

I married young and started a family. We eventually moved to the Southern Tier which has been my home ever since. My involvement in Girl Scouting lead to my going to college to become a teacher. Going to college and raising a family was not easy, especially when I became a single mom. I relied on my faith to get me through some very tough emotional and financial times. Perseverance and sacrifice enabled me to finally get my teaching degree.

Although teaching was my passion, my faith and my family remained the center of my life.  Teaching writing was my favorite subject because it was thrilling to see their imaginations go wild. Seeing their work in a published form brought them such a sense of pride that it inspired me to do my own writing.

Retiring after 28 years of teaching gave me the time to pursue my own writing through online classes which I enjoyed. Through my writing connection, I found out about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and set the goal of writing a novel in a month. Although it was challenging, I have successfully done this twice. That was only the first step.

As Angels Sing is my first novel and is dedicated to my youngest sister who had Down syndrome. The story comes from my own journey of faith and many of my own life experiences.

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